.: Relacionamens Que Interessam :.
Some people I know appear to be very friendly, and are very fond to many others, socially active and such. But I also have the feeling that some of these people even though they might look great to you, might turn their back at you, or simply not give much attention to you later. Something like speculating the highs and lows. And I am also speculating their behavior, because I do not have proof that they might actually do.
The second kind is those people who are quieter, that will demand more time to initiate interactivity with others, but is also harder to imagine them speaking bad of you when you are not around, on the contrary, they will support you. They are much more loyal and more generous. The type of investment that can give a lot more interests in the future. Many people see them with bad eyes because apparently they are tougher, but in the same time they have consistency, standardized behavior, just lacking a little sympathy at the beginning of the contact.
It is like feeling and like seeing an image, I am unable to explain how this is in my brain... People are in my head like shadows who come into contact with me when I am near them and when you observe them, they may even be thinking what I imagine what they are thinking, but these shadows are not perceived at the time, sometimes I just realize what is in my head when something turns to be what it really is. Something like realizing what you felt before only when it happens in the present. Well this is the best that I can I explain.
As the first impression is the one that stays, it is not always that we appreciate the people we enjoy today.
What I most miss are the people of this second kind. And as everyone cross each other constantly, what I also miss is having many of them together near me at the same time. I feel them as some sort of a bubble around several of others I know. Despite the bubbles are connected strongly, they are more distant at the same time.
Only to illustrate an example, I see Igor as the second kind and I wanted to be in the fraternity wondering this night just to start shitty chatting. Then others would appear at the fraternity room and would raise new subjects to the matter and continue the chat. And I would have been pleased to trigger the conversation and made an upgrade of the link of mental wonderment of all.
Another thing I feel is the day too short. I wanna bring forth many hobbies, dedicate to various projects, but the time goes by too fast. And I am afraid that time always goes by too fast and that my hair might be bad. Last week I attended to four lectures regarding health and quality of life and now I am trying to achieve a more healthy eating habit. Let's see if I can move on.
The typical stressed and annoying person or psycho depressive maniac I think would never be. I discovered that nerve stomach releases adrenaline in me and the effects are visible, since I become more talkative, more enthusiastic, and so on. It was incredible not realizing this before. Or better saying, realizing that these two things are connected with each other. I noticed them when the doctor pointed out to me and I started to speak up. And, throughout the day, until this effect ended, I was more agitated than the usual.
By the way, each individual is one of a kind, I am sure that there is not only these two kinds of people and I believe that all changes. The bubbles not only have distance but also have colors, shapes and lives on their own. I never managed to do an accurate analysis of myself or find someone similar to me. To find people with things in common to me, yes, but in terms of personality, hmm… I guess it is difficult to say. I think the more you know a person who has its own persona, the more difficult is to find someone similar. So I guess it is a good thing.