.: Uma Lenda ou Que Seja :.
This is a Sci-Fi movie based on a book written by Richard Matheson. It took me a while to write about it, I watched it month ago. Anyway, better later than never. I started to watch it without knowing anything about it, the plot, the genre, etc. People said it was cool, so I was there to watch it, why not? The first minutes I started to wonder, what the heck is that guy doing in a city completely empty? And a city like the Big Apple!! Why are these animals here and there, why was he hunting, what the hell was going on?? Alright, after this wonderment I started to really appreciate it and pay attention to the movie.
I felt like watching to Resident Evil...

I Am Legend/Warned Bros - 2007

I don't know how the plot was different from the book version, since I did not read the book, but in the movie, it seems that some scientists found a cure for the cancer and used a virus on people. Then simply this virus spread, got out of control, killed billions of people, etc. Quite absurd, but the most absurd was that the infected ones turned into violent beings, creatures living in the darkness that could not be exposed to sunlight. Well, there weren't many actors in the movie, since all 'zombies' seemed to be computer graphics. But it was a good movie, Will Smith is amazing, and although I love fantasy movies, this one was more like a fiction driving towards fantasy, since the situation was absurd. I don't mean the creation of a lethal virus. That is plausible and that was the message of the movie, because life needs to be handled with caution. But really, a survivor building a lab on his house, with full power supply, billions of humans turning into zombies due to a virus and that can't be exposed to sunlight. The ending was even more absurd, I am not spoiling it anyway. But I liked the movie, it was not bad at all.
.: Ergo Proxy o Proxy da Morte :.
It has been a while since I last watched to an anime series. The last time I watched one was when I was still studying in the college with my friends. So I tried this one called Ergo Proxy. Later it is explained that Ergo Proxy is the Proxy of Death.
Below is Re-l, the main character of the series:

Ergo Proxy/Manglobe - 2006

The story itself was not my type. To briefly explain, in a futuristic scenario, the world become very hostile and the few humans who remain lived in domes, similar to those from Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within. To help people machines called AutoReives were build to advice and guide them. The people were more like consumers while the AutoReives were the working force. Incidents started to happen related to a virus infecting the AutoReives allowing them to have feelings and strange behavior and even to murder people they were suppose to protect. Well, Re-l, the character from above investigated these incidents and met different people on her journey, discovering the truth behind the domes, the creature called Proxies and even the truth about herself.